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About History Imprint

History Imprint is a site dedicated to helping you honour and commemorate a family member or loved one who served in World War I. We will help you design a personal memorial to those men and women who served, and to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

 History Imprint achieve this by working with you to design that ‘ personal memorial’ , examples

of which can be found on the IMPRINTS  page. On the EXAMPLES  page, you can see the many

different styles that can be incorporated into your design. We print on the best stock available

and our prints are of exhibition quality!

 History Imprint has many photographs of battlefields and memorials of which only a few

hundred are on display here. In time we hope to be able to display all of the images that have

been taken over the last few years. These photos were taken in Belgium, France and the UK

and feature villages where the soldiers were once based and/or trained as well as their final

resting places…

 If you are searching through the galleries and can't find a particular place or image, please

contact me and ask what it is you are looking for, and I will check our vast archive!

David Bailey


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