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Grieving Mother of Canada

The most amazing memorial and my favourite, that I have seen, so far, is the amazing Canadian National War Memorial at Vimy Ridge. This photo is only part of it, to see more go to gallery 1 on this site. The Canadian National Vimy Memorial which overlooks the Douai Plain, with the slag heaps of Loos in the distance was designed by Canadian sculptor and architect Walter Seymour Allward. The monument took eleven years to build. It rests on a bed of 11,000 tonnes of concrete, reinforced with hundreds of tonnes of steel. The figures were carved where they now stand from huge blocks of this stone. A cloaked figure stands at the front, of the monument overlooking the Douai Plain. It was carved from a single, 30-tonne block and is the largest piece in the monument. This sorrowing figure of a woman represents Canada—a young nation mourning her dead

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